5 Mistakes why you’re not getting Free Instagram Autolikes

News 01:05 May 2024:

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You’re very active in IG. You’re engaging with other users. You follow them, like their posts, comments on their contents. Yet, seems your efforts are not enough. Not enough to give you IG followers. Not enough to give you free Instagram autolikes. Not enough to push your followers to comment on your posts and share your contents? What seems to be the problem? What do you lack? What else do you need to do?

Instagram today has 1 billion users. So imagine the competition inside. All are aiming to be popular and prominent inside so they can advance to whatever they want to convey to the users. Despite all your efforts, everything seems to be a waste. Well, most probably, you are doing these common mistakes. Take time to read and assess. Maybe it’s time to have a shift of perspective and style. There’s no harm n doing trials until you find the perfect style and spot. What’s important is you are aware that there’s a lot of things to do to attain your goal of being popular in IG.

Overuse of Hashtags

Hashtag is the thing if you really want to go viral. But overusing it will ruin your plans. Personally, I suggest using a maximum of 4 hashtags in one post. And the hashtags should be related; again, related but not the same. Let’s say you posted something about fashion, do not use #ootd and #outfitoftheday altogether. Obviously, it’s the same. Just choose one. You choose the most used so it will help you go viral.

Your Posts are too Boring

Your posts, of course, will depend on the kind of profile you portray in IG. Regardless of what profile or perspective you have, you need not be boring. Make sure you can “wow” your audience in IG. Think, conceptualize, on how you will make your audience anticipate every post you are to make. You will know that your followers are bored if you did not have any like or follows or comments at all. Be alert on those signs.

Lack of Quality of Influencers

It’s not always numbers. You got to check if you have the right kind of influencer that will contribute comments to your posts the most. If other people will see high valued comments in your posts, most likely they will give you that free Instagram autolikes.

Believing it’s a Number Game

Again, this is not the number game. If you think your popularity will be based on the number of followers and likes you have, you’re definitely wrong. Especially if you are a beginner, you must target engagement, not numbers.

Disconnected Posts

The moment you created your IG account, you should decide what kind of perspective you want to convey. Believe me, random posts of anything will bring you nowhere. The kind of influencers you will get depends on the kind of posts you will make. Have a clear a mind about this.

If you keep on doing these mistakes, you won’t have your targeted free Instagram autolikes. Make sure you have considered these and corrected your mistakes if there are.

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